NEXT Space provides entrepreneurs, startups, and small technology businesses with flexible lease options and a collaborative work environment. The result is a workplace that allows you to forget about the hassles of real estate and helps you be nimble, competitive, and resilient.


Join our community of innovators who are seizing the opportunity to redefine how growing businesses are built and fueling that growth to the next level.


No matter where your company is on the growth curve, you’ll find the space, leasing options, and technological infrastructure to facilitate your continued growth at NEXT Space.

From virtual offices for startups, to desks and executive offices for the next phase, to ample room for corporate headquarters, we have the right space for you today.

Our spaces are designed and equipped to allow you to expand your presence as you grow your business. For example, at the NEXT Innovation Center you can start with an executive office, then add a desk for an intern or assistant—your space can grow with you.

Need a conference room for two or ten or forty today? Use one of our community spaces in both facilities. Want to have a meeting on the fly? Grab a dry erase marker and start writing on the walls! Everywhere you turn, you’ll always be close to the incredible collaborative tool—the white board. Nearly every wall in both facilities has a writable surface to foster collaboration.

As a growing company, you may need short-term space for special projects. Both the configuration of the building and our leasing options give you the choices you’ll need.

The technological infrastructure, in particular the fiber internet and wireless networks, is built for quick, easy expansion to accommodate your growth.


The Upstate innovators who first imagined NEXT Space realized they wanted more than buildings. To reach their goals, they needed spaces where other innovators were also busy exploring and sharing new ideas. So they created places where a community could thrive by stimulating collaboration.

The tenants’ spirit of collaboration is reflected in the variety of gathering places throughout the buildings. Surrounding each office are impromptu meet-up areas where you can gather to bounce an idea off a fellow innovator.

Even getting a cup of coffee is likely to lead to stimulating discussion—the community café is conveniently located and thoroughly equipped for robust conversation. It’s stocked to encourage everyone to gather and chat.

Anywhere you walk in NEXT Space, you can take advantage of being in the middle of a community of thinkers, creators, and business builders. If you’re ready for collaboration, you’re ready to work at NEXT.



We use advanced technology to make NEXT Space efficient, safe, comfortable, and easy to use. We’ve also taken great care to make our facilities as environmentally friendly as possible—both in construction and operation.



NEXT Space facilities are specifically designed to accelerate the growth of startups and entrepreneurial businesses. We’ve thought through every detail, from lease terms to office options to the collaborative feel, to help your business thrive.

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